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3 Historic Gilded-Age Estates For Sale In The Midwest

Discovering Gilded-age beauties in unexpected locations is a passion for us at Find Everything Historic. Who doesn’t love the element of surprise when it comes to historic real estate? We’ve rounded up three historic mansions located in the Midwest currently on the market that are steeped in American history and dripping with eye-popping details. Black tie waltz anyone?

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Friday Top 5: Classic Spas For Valentine’s (Or Anytime)

Spa rituals date back centuries in many cultures including the Romans, the Mayans and many others. Since nothing says historic luxury more then taking your significant other away to decompress and show your appreciation we rounded up five of the world’s top spas where you can relax and rekindle the passion for one another for Valentine’s Day-or any other time.

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Bourbon That’s Rocking The Boat

Pushing boundaries while respecting tradition is a delicate art in any business, but it’s a particularly territorial affair when it comes to the practice of distilling bourbon, a time honored American tradition. So when we find someone who’s able to pull it off, gracefully blending history and the future in a sloshing distillery experiment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, who could say no? Rum may no longer be the tried and true libation of sailors once you have a sip of this.

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Travel Gear Including Vintage Camera Binoculars Maps and Notebook

Can A Pixel Say A Thousand Words?

Technology is changing everything at a mind-bending rate—even history. Look no further than Ancestry’s DNA test kit so you can confirm your own family lineage online. The art of photography is no exception. Photography has been revolutionized by transformations in digital cameras and storage technology. Pixels can say a thousand words and also do a hundred other things that film never could. But photography is still a creative art, and that’s one thing that cameras still can’t do on their own yet.

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The Surprising History Behind Decking the Halls

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of putting up Christmas lights came from? FEH’s newest contributor, Sara Morrow uncovers the surprising details behind the electrification of decking the halls. Here is a little hint, the trend involves Thomas Edison, former President Grover Washington and the best publicity stunt ever that has taken this Christmas holiday tradition by storm on a worldwide scale.

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Free Love and Flatware: Part One

The word “history” can still get a bland wrap these days. Yet despite being civilized for 6000 years, humans continue to tell a pretty good story. Love, hate, hubris, beauty, jealousy, power, family, inequality, revenge, and heroism remain our primary plotlines. In turn every juicy headline unfolding before you today will be tomorrow’s history book lesson. Trust us. Just ask John Humphrey Noyes.

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What are Bitters?

Bitters have seen a huge resurgence. Once used for medicinal purposes these potent flavor extracts are taking the cocktail industry by storm, but what are they? Erik Kozlik (a cocktail aficionado and our newest contributor), co-founder of Embittermint Bitters, a Washington, D.C.-based bitters company specializing in premium-quality, all-natural cocktail ingredients, breaks down what bitters are, their origin and how to use them.

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One of the Last Five-and-Dimes in America

Before there were discount stores there was the five & dime where pricing was made simple––items were either five or ten cents to purchase. With the advent of discount stores and inflation most five & dime stores closed up shop. With the help of Beth “Mod Betty” Lennon, founder of the Retro Roadmap, writer Brie Dyas tracks down one of the last five & dimes stores in the Unites States where you can get your vintage shop on!

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3 Whiskey Classics For The Holidays

Admit it. Everyone loves the holidays except when they turn against them. Guests to host and feed. Family members to placate. Seven dishes going at the same time. It’s enough to make even the most stoic host or hostess take an occasionally more frequent trip to the bar. Here are three classic whiskey cocktails straight from some of the country’s most historic and up-and-coming whiskey distilleries to sooth anyone’s inner holiday grump and make sure your guests are guaranteed to come back next year. Good luck!

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