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Old Town Key West Sailing

Hello Millennials: The Old Economy Is History

Everything becomes historic eventually—real estate, design, fashion, cars, boats, music, the list goes on. In the past 50 years few changes have had more impact than the concept of the ‘workplace’. What was ‘telecommuting’ in the 1990s has been replaced by wireless hotspots, big data clouds, and virtual board rooms. Many Fortune 500 companies now have vast swaths of remote employees. And we say long live the mobile economy. Here are our editor’s top tips for maximizing your new found freedom.

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The History (And Truth) Of Stock Market Crashes

It’s been an historic week for stocks and not in a good way. Today it got worse. The media is buzzing, the financial pundits are proselytizing, and panic is rippling through the markets. But stock market corrections are as old as money itself. Leave it to Find Everything Historic to equate the current market volatility to sailing to Antarctica. Our financial expert Augustine Repetto squares us up on how to make sure your own ship stays right.

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Quoin Values: A Cool Million

We’re passionate about our editorial content at Find Everything Historic. All historic properties and destinations have stories to tell. Some are noble and poetic. Others are sordidly worthy of a reality television series episode. Whatever the backstory, our goal to be the leading curated platform for historic real estate, travel, design, and lifestyle experiences is built on the backbone of inspiring storytelling and content that engages and informs. Meet the newest column in our editorial family—Quoin Values. And what the heck is a quoin by the way?

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American Express

Live Historic: The Start-Up (Envy) Journey Never Ends

Technology, app, and online start-ups are the new entrepreneurial Birken bag. Every Millennial wants one. That’s the best news about the liveliness of the US economy and the American spirit of enterprise that we’ve heard all year. Start-ups are also far harder to execute in real life than to swagger on about at a cocktail party. So here are our thoughts and top lessons learned after six months of formally being in the start-up trenches.

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Flood Insurance: What Every Historic Property Owner Needs To Know

Every property has the potential risk for flood damage whether you live in a flood plain or not. New changes to the National Flood Insurance Program affect everyone property owner. Historic homes in particular face additional challenges when it comes to assessing liability and replacement cost. Find out the facts about the policy changes and how to protect one of your biggest investments.

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