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Joslyn Hayes is the marketing manager for National Trust Insurance Services (NTIS), LLC, which is an insurance agency specifically designed to offer comprehensive insurance solutions for historic property owners and preservation organizations. NTIS is a subsidiary of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and considers itself a resource in the preservation world.

Flood Insurance: What Every Historic Property Owner Needs To Know

Every property has the potential risk for flood damage whether you live in a flood plain or not. New changes to the National Flood Insurance Program affect everyone property owner. Historic homes in particular face additional challenges when it comes to assessing liability and replacement cost. Find out the facts about the policy changes and how to protect one of your biggest investments.

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Insuring Historic Properties: Preserving the Past, Insuring the Future

Insuring a historic home or business located in a historic building can present its own set of challenges. Architectural details & replacement values require insurance carriers with a specialty in historic properties. Knowing the options for carriers and the deal breakers for coverage is a solid first place to start.

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