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3 Historic Gilded-Age Estates For Sale In The Midwest

Discovering Gilded-age beauties in unexpected locations is a passion for us at Find Everything Historic. Who doesn’t love the element of surprise when it comes to historic real estate? We’ve rounded up three historic mansions located in the Midwest currently on the market that are steeped in American history and dripping with eye-popping details. Black tie waltz anyone?

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A Park City Gut Renovation Leads To An Historic Discovery

The restoration of historic properties is often not for the faint at heart. You never know what you might find when you open up the walls. Located in Park City, Utah, this former miner’s cabin has been completely transformed into the epitome of modern high end luxury both on the interior and exterior. The best part of this renovation story however, is what the owner/developer found in the walls.

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Emily Viyet Collage

Viyet’s Emily Everhart Reveals the Secrets to Consigning Vintage Pieces (and More)

Whether you’re furnishing your new place or trying to downsize, consignment is a godsend for finding (or selling) antiques, vintage, and new pieces. We chatted with Emily Everhart, Chief Curator for, the e-commerce marketplace for expertly curated, incredibly-designed furniture and accessories from every era, about everything from getting the best price to the most in-demand periods for vintage items.

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Design Tips From Phara Queen: Miranda Lambert’s Designer For The Ladysmith B & B

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping design in what was once a dilapidated 1901 building look no further then Miranda Lambert’s The Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast. We recently sat down with Miranda’s interior designer, Phara Queen to see how folks at home can add a little rock-n-roll shabby chic style to their own homes.

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The Surprising History Behind Decking the Halls

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of putting up Christmas lights came from? FEH’s newest contributor, Sara Morrow uncovers the surprising details behind the electrification of decking the halls. Here is a little hint, the trend involves Thomas Edison, former President Grover Washington and the best publicity stunt ever that has taken this Christmas holiday tradition by storm on a worldwide scale.

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Wild About Wallpaper: The Next Chapter

We ended throwing caution to the wind and decided to start our wallpaper installation journey on our own. We are almost done with our dining room and getting ready to wallpaper our bedroom. So far, we have learned that hanging a graphic wallpaper is easier then we thought as long as you prep properly. Check out some of our tips that might inspire you to get wild about wallpaper too!

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Property Envy: Own An Authentic Piece Of The South

Every region of America has its own signature historic architecture descended from its first settlers and early economic development that gives it a certain uniqueness and visual character. Cape Cod, Pueblo, and Adirondack are just a few architectural styles that come to mind which speak less to an era and more to a specific location. There are few places, however, where real estate, geography, and history converge more iconically than in the South. Here are three classic Southern historic properties for sale.

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Throwback Thursday: A Vintage Trailer Renovation You Won’t Believe

Find Everything Historic’s newest columnist on home, decor, and interior design, Brie Dyas, is passionate about all things authentic and retro, and we love her ‘Mad Men’ style. Whether it’s a vintage renovation, her love of old books, or her unique creative lens to be able to see anything modern in an historic light, Dyas will delight you with her wit, charm, and in-depth reporting. It’s also fitting that her first column for Find Everything Historic is about a vintage travel trailer restoration in a classic mid-century trailer park Palm Springs, California, since we’re about to embark on our own vintage Airstream renovation. You’ll never think of ‘mobile homes’ in the same way again. Like Dyas our only question is: When can we move in?!

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