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Emily Viyet Collage

Viyet’s Emily Everhart Reveals the Secrets to Consigning Vintage Pieces (and More)

Whether you’re furnishing your new place or trying to downsize, consignment is a godsend for finding (or selling) antiques, vintage, and new pieces. We chatted with Emily Everhart, Chief Curator for, the e-commerce marketplace for expertly curated, incredibly-designed furniture and accessories from every era, about everything from getting the best price to the most in-demand periods for vintage items.

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The History Of Passion: American College Football

For most small towns in America this is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. And not because HIllary Clinton or Donald Trump are rolling into town. It’s the start of football season and opening day kick off for thousands of high schools and colleges is finally just hours away. The NFL season starts on Thursday. It’s a distinctly American tradition. Current New York Times bestselling writer and the author of “Saban: The Making Of A Coach” breaks down what’s so historic and unique about America’s Game.

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The History (And Truth) Of Stock Market Crashes

It’s been an historic week for stocks and not in a good way. Today it got worse. The media is buzzing, the financial pundits are proselytizing, and panic is rippling through the markets. But stock market corrections are as old as money itself. Leave it to Find Everything Historic to equate the current market volatility to sailing to Antarctica. Our financial expert Augustine Repetto squares us up on how to make sure your own ship stays right.

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ModVic Steampunk

Gettin’ Steampunked With ModVic

When someone first mentioned ‘Steampunk’ to the FEH editors a month ago someone among us wondered aloud whether it was a new Seattle grunge band pioneer. Little did we know that it’s one of the most unique and difficult to execute historic design styles that incorporates classic Victorian architecture, functional chic design, and reclaimed and re-used artifacts that re-imagine the former Industrial heyday of the US. FEH recently caught up with the owners of ModVic, the leading Steampunk design pioneers, whose house is being marketed on Find Everything Historic. Prepare to be ‘punked.

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Edgartown MA Light House

Historically Motivated Architecture with Patrick Ahearn

Having worked with architects for over the last decade, we know that it is not an easy fete to become and independent success. Architect, Patrick Ahearn, who specializes in historically-motivated architecture not only has beat the odds, but surpassed them by creating a highly successful design firm and creating a brand that has become a household name.

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