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Quoin Values: Historic Victorian Houses

When most people envision a historic home, they see a Victorian. Proud, towering roof lines, turrets and towers, and that classic gingerbread mix of woodwork and one-of-a-kind architectural details inside and out. Our newest Quoin Values column stacks up a few of our favorite historic Victorian-style homes for sale around the country and what you get for your money.

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Quoin Values: Dream Job Alert

Everyone has their own vision of a ‘dream’ job. Some people want to be astronauts. Others want to travel the world and write for National Geographic. As historic property junkies our fantasy has always been to be innkeepers. Nothing captures the essence of the historic lifestyle with more authenticity than providing travelers from around the world with a deeply steeped go-local experience that includes farm-to-table cuisine, intimate hospitality, and the opportunity to meet the very people whose goal is to make your trip memorable. If you’re looking to give up your day job here are three rarely available opportunities to make your dream job come true.

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Quoin Values: A Cool Million

We’re passionate about our editorial content at Find Everything Historic. All historic properties and destinations have stories to tell. Some are noble and poetic. Others are sordidly worthy of a reality television series episode. Whatever the backstory, our goal to be the leading curated platform for historic real estate, travel, design, and lifestyle experiences is built on the backbone of inspiring storytelling and content that engages and informs. Meet the newest column in our editorial family—Quoin Values. And what the heck is a quoin by the way?

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