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Get Grilling: A History of the Hamburger in Three Stops

From a graffiti-covered shoe box of a restaurant to a cultural icon to trendy lunch spot, the classic American hamburger gets around. Since the backyard grilling season is about to commence, what better time to explore the history & evolution of the burger—and to take future inspiration for your summer grilling menu—than from these three iconic burger destinations across the country.

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A Classic Maryland Crab Soup Recipe by Chef Jordan Lloyd

Using local, seasonal ingredients not only helps sustain the economic viability of a community, but ensures your culinary creations are the freshest that they can be. Alice and Chef Jordan Lloyd, owners of the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, Maryland live by this very ethos and shared their favorite recipe for Maryland Crab Soup-an Chesapeake Bay classic. Now anyone regardless of where you live can enjoy a little Eastern Shore flavor. Bon Appetit.

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Gastro Heaven With a Pinch of History

Farm-to-table and food-as-art are modern culinary marketing cliches these days. What self-respecting chef’s food isn’t artful? Every once in a while, however, the opportunity arises to discover a life-changing food and wine experience which truly alters the way that you think about ingredients, and reminds you that the best meals are experienced not eaten. The French have known this for centuries. Bonjour La Table at L’Auberge Provençale. And yes it’s in Virginia.

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Bourbon That’s Rocking The Boat

Pushing boundaries while respecting tradition is a delicate art in any business, but it’s a particularly territorial affair when it comes to the practice of distilling bourbon, a time honored American tradition. So when we find someone who’s able to pull it off, gracefully blending history and the future in a sloshing distillery experiment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, who could say no? Rum may no longer be the tried and true libation of sailors once you have a sip of this.

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Wonderful Wines, Inspiring Spaces

You don’t have to hop on a trans-Atlantic flight to enjoy some of the best classic wine tasting rooms in the world and some of the oldest Cabernet and Merlot vintages. Savor rich California history and architecture with some of today’s finest wines at these five tasting rooms where history and wine collide and leave you wondering why you shouldn’t just pick up and move to wine country tomorrow.

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What are Bitters?

Bitters have seen a huge resurgence. Once used for medicinal purposes these potent flavor extracts are taking the cocktail industry by storm, but what are they? Erik Kozlik (a cocktail aficionado and our newest contributor), co-founder of Embittermint Bitters, a Washington, D.C.-based bitters company specializing in premium-quality, all-natural cocktail ingredients, breaks down what bitters are, their origin and how to use them.

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3 Whiskey Classics For The Holidays

Admit it. Everyone loves the holidays except when they turn against them. Guests to host and feed. Family members to placate. Seven dishes going at the same time. It’s enough to make even the most stoic host or hostess take an occasionally more frequent trip to the bar. Here are three classic whiskey cocktails straight from some of the country’s most historic and up-and-coming whiskey distilleries to sooth anyone’s inner holiday grump and make sure your guests are guaranteed to come back next year. Good luck!

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Bartender is pouring liquor in golden shaker, toned image

The History Of The Martini

With the holidays approaching there’s nothing more appropriately historic in our opinion than classic cocktails to make your guests feel welcome and ensure maximum family relaxation. Few drinks—especially with a bite of early winter wind outside—are more iconically American than the martini. Our newest guest columnist from London uncovers the pedigree of this vintage cocktail and we obviously couldn’t write about ‘shaken and not stirred’ without a slight nod to James Bond. We wouldn’t want to shoot a machine gun in a speedboat before drinking a dirty martini either.

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Friday Top 5: Food & Fowl

This weekend marks the 45th annual Waterfowl Festival in historic Easton, Maryland, a vibrant arts and cultural festival that celebrates the yearly waterfowl migration to the Maryland’s Eastern Shore just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis. After a day of exploring the arts, crafts, aquatic dog events and listening to live music, you are sure to have worked up a healthy appetite. This week we’ve rounded the top five local restaurants that are the anchors of this up and coming foodie town, and will indulge your seasonal appetite for fine food and fowl.

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