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Sara Morrow is a New York-based writer and editor. She’s covered everything from classic American road trips to the most collectible match safes to bartenders crafting era-appropriate cocktails with centuries-old bottles of booze. Sara has held positions at Budget Travel,, Country Living and All You, and her writing has also appeared in Hemispheres, Modern Farmer and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Bourbon That’s Rocking The Boat

Pushing boundaries while respecting tradition is a delicate art in any business, but it’s a particularly territorial affair when it comes to the practice of distilling bourbon, a time honored American tradition. So when we find someone who’s able to pull it off, gracefully blending history and the future in a sloshing distillery experiment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, who could say no? Rum may no longer be the tried and true libation of sailors once you have a sip of this.

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The Surprising History Behind Decking the Halls

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of putting up Christmas lights came from? FEH’s newest contributor, Sara Morrow uncovers the surprising details behind the electrification of decking the halls. Here is a little hint, the trend involves Thomas Edison, former President Grover Washington and the best publicity stunt ever that has taken this Christmas holiday tradition by storm on a worldwide scale.

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