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Friday Top 5: Classic Spas For Valentine’s (Or Anytime)

Spa rituals date back centuries in many cultures including the Romans, the Mayans and many others. Since nothing says historic luxury more then taking your significant other away to decompress and show your appreciation we rounded up five of the world’s top spas where you can relax and rekindle the passion for one another for Valentine’s Day-or any other time.

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Five Cities That Will Make Your 2016 New Year’s Eve Historic

Ever since I can remember the ultimate goal for New Year’s Eve was to make sure it was historic. In an epic Jake from Sixteen Candles party kind of way that you’d be talking about thirty years later. For the past three years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve at home (and admittedly in bed before midnight) so our 2016 resolution is to work less and live more—starting with New Year’s Eve. Here are our top five historic cities that will make sure your new year starts off with a bang.

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Friday Top 5: Food & Fowl

This weekend marks the 45th annual Waterfowl Festival in historic Easton, Maryland, a vibrant arts and cultural festival that celebrates the yearly waterfowl migration to the Maryland’s Eastern Shore just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge from Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis. After a day of exploring the arts, crafts, aquatic dog events and listening to live music, you are sure to have worked up a healthy appetite. This week we’ve rounded the top five local restaurants that are the anchors of this up and coming foodie town, and will indulge your seasonal appetite for fine food and fowl.

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Friday Top 5: Lake George, NY

For over one hundred years summer travelers from throughout the US and around the world have converged on Lake George in New York’s Adirondacks. Stunning mountain views, crystal clear waters, and endless boating, hiking, and outdoor adventure are right out your back door. A century later visitors still flock here—and some of the same attractions still draw them. Here are our Top Five

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Top Five Historic Retail Brands

For many people nothing says history and legacy more than an iconic brand. Fashion, technology, cars, boats, and gastronomy are how millions of us connect with the past. Even if you don’t intrinsically put “retail” and “history” in the same sentence, look around your life. Iconic brands and companies that have shaped human culture and world history surround us and inform everything that we do. Some are obvious—Ford, IBM, Sony, Gucci, Budweiser. Others will surprise. The histories of all of them will fascinate you.

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One Hundred Hours Of Solitude: Top Five Historic Retreats

Summer vacations are about family road trips and late night boardwalk roller coasters. Every once in a while, however, the most important getaway of your life is the one where nothing happens—literally. Sometimes the stimulus is the need to rekindle a romance. Other times all of us need to reconnect with nature. In our case, after finally wrapping up an exhausting move, what we need most right now is a hundred hours of solitude to decompress and recharge. And there’s no place we’d rather be right now than these top five dream destinations where the favorite activity on the menu is ‘nothing’.

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Historic Turtle Cove Wine Cellar

Friday Top 5: Palatial Wine Cellars

It’s Friday on the last day of July and we already have a glass of chilled white wine in hand. So what better day to celebrate the convergence of oenophilia and historic properties—better known as the wine cellar. For some reason, many of our new historic property listings are coming in with cellars that look more like French chateau tasting rooms. Here’s our top four. Yes four. It’s late Friday afternoon on the last day of July and it’s time to go restock the wine cellar . . .

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Mont Rochelle Winery Estate, property released, Winelands, Franschhoek, South Africa

Friday Top 5: Historic Adventure Travel Destinations

We know, we know. It’s been two weeks since we last posted a blog but we have a great excuse. We’ve finally sold our house in Philadelphia and downsized to our vacation home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Airstream hunt has begun. Every night for the past month in the deep dark hole of moving we’ve also dreamt about our upcoming Live Historic road trip, and how many bucketlist adventure and historic frontiers await us. It wouldn’t be right to finally finish our move this week without celebrating the Top Five of them. Dream on.

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Friday Top 5: Livin’ The Historic Lifestyle Dream

When most people think about real estate these days one of two questions tend to come to mind first: Is this is a good place to invest and how good are the schools? We still look at real estate, and in particular historic properties, as a far more important lifestyle decision. Where you live plays a large role in the life you live. There is actually very little in common between Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Whitefish Montana. So here are our Top FIve historic properties for sale that truly epitomize a classic lifestyle. Now the hardest part is having to choose. Private island? Tribeca loft? Or a southern plantation?

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