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Free Love and Flatware: Part One

The word “history” can still get a bland wrap these days. Yet despite being civilized for 6000 years, humans continue to tell a pretty good story. Love, hate, hubris, beauty, jealousy, power, family, inequality, revenge, and heroism remain our primary plotlines. In turn every juicy headline unfolding before you today will be tomorrow’s history book lesson. Trust us. Just ask John Humphrey Noyes.

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Time Traveling For The Holidays

Over the next two weeks, Find Everything Historic is proudly introducing our newest weekly columnists. They are well-loved and well-published experts on design and decor, travel and adventure, food and wine, real estate and renovations, and pretty much life-long junkies for every possible authentic historic lifestyle experience they can get their hands on. First up—meet our new food, wine, and travel writer extraordinaire Jeanne O’Brien Coffey who takes us time traveling for the holidays in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Dream Trip: Vintage South Beach

Miami’s South Beach can get a shallow rap for late-night clubbing, short bikinis, and slow-revving Ferraris cruising down Ocean Drive. Equally part of the classic South Beach experience however is the rich Art Deco architecture, world-class art and museums, and international foodie scene that features some of the best restaurants and bars in the country. The white sand beaches and Bahamian-colored water don’t hurt either. Get over your stereotypes and prepare to become uninhibited.

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Historic Mansion Envy: Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Whatever you think about Gilded Age aristocracy and the one-percenters, the one thing that’s undeniable is the indelible mark they’ve left on American architecture throughout the country. The most visited historic estates now open to the public (so we can all get our mansion envy flowing) are the legacy of their hard work, vision, patronage, and commitment to the arts, culture, and creating a distinct form of American architecture that will remain a legacy for generations. So put your bitterness aside and embrace the vicarious joy that can only come with spending a few hours living like the Great Gatsby. Behold Vizcaya Museum And Gardens.

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Vizcaya Museum

Friday Top 5: Grand Dames of the Gilded Age

The Gilded Age was the American Dream at its best. Immigrants from Europe barely here for two generations created American industry, revolutionized the economy, and invented most of what we take for granted today. The other great legacy of the Gilded Age is the architecture that remains. This week we bring you some of the finest Gilded Age estates for sale––and one that you can visit yourself.

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