Living History Farm: History of the Flynn Mansion & Barn

When I read the history of Martin Flynn, an Irish immigrant who came to this country in 1858 and worked his way up from being a day laborer on the Pennsylvania railroads to becoming a very wealthy entrepreneur–his story struck a chord with me. Martin Flynn encapsulates the American Dream. Flynn came here with limited means and worked hard, saved his money and took a few risks along the way that happened to pay off handsomely.

Flynn beat the odds and that in of itself gets me jazzed. He emigrated to the United States during a time when people were not very kind to Irish immigrants, yet he still succeeded. I always root for the underdog. I suppose I relate to that role in many ways. In a day and age where people often feel that they are stuck due to certain unfortunate circumstances it is inspiring to hear a success story. Martin Flynn’s story reminded me of one of the many reasons why I feel grateful to be an American–and in my opinion that is always a great chord to strike.

Living History Farm

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