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All I Want For Christmas Is An Historic Southern Home

We’ve been shortchanged for the past three Christmas holidays on the gift front so we figure we’ve racked up a pretty good favor bank with Santa. This year we’re wishing for that historic Southern Charm home that we’ve been endlessly searching for—low country architectural character, a long oak lined driveway, mint juleps on the front porch, the works. We sent Santa our Southern property wish list last week. We’ll see how many columns and chimneys he can cram into his sack.

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Free Love and Flatware: Part One

The word “history” can still get a bland wrap these days. Yet despite being civilized for 6000 years, humans continue to tell a pretty good story. Love, hate, hubris, beauty, jealousy, power, family, inequality, revenge, and heroism remain our primary plotlines. In turn every juicy headline unfolding before you today will be tomorrow’s history book lesson. Trust us. Just ask John Humphrey Noyes.

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Property Envy: Own An Authentic Piece Of The South

Every region of America has its own signature historic architecture descended from its first settlers and early economic development that gives it a certain uniqueness and visual character. Cape Cod, Pueblo, and Adirondack are just a few architectural styles that come to mind which speak less to an era and more to a specific location. There are few places, however, where real estate, geography, and history converge more iconically than in the South. Here are three classic Southern historic properties for sale.

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Throwback Thursday: A Vintage Trailer Renovation You Won’t Believe

Find Everything Historic’s newest columnist on home, decor, and interior design, Brie Dyas, is passionate about all things authentic and retro, and we love her ‘Mad Men’ style. Whether it’s a vintage renovation, her love of old books, or her unique creative lens to be able to see anything modern in an historic light, Dyas will delight you with her wit, charm, and in-depth reporting. It’s also fitting that her first column for Find Everything Historic is about a vintage travel trailer restoration in a classic mid-century trailer park Palm Springs, California, since we’re about to embark on our own vintage Airstream renovation. You’ll never think of ‘mobile homes’ in the same way again. Like Dyas our only question is: When can we move in?!

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Dream Trip: Vintage South Beach

Miami’s South Beach can get a shallow rap for late-night clubbing, short bikinis, and slow-revving Ferraris cruising down Ocean Drive. Equally part of the classic South Beach experience however is the rich Art Deco architecture, world-class art and museums, and international foodie scene that features some of the best restaurants and bars in the country. The white sand beaches and Bahamian-colored water don’t hurt either. Get over your stereotypes and prepare to become uninhibited.

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Historic Mansion Envy: Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Whatever you think about Gilded Age aristocracy and the one-percenters, the one thing that’s undeniable is the indelible mark they’ve left on American architecture throughout the country. The most visited historic estates now open to the public (so we can all get our mansion envy flowing) are the legacy of their hard work, vision, patronage, and commitment to the arts, culture, and creating a distinct form of American architecture that will remain a legacy for generations. So put your bitterness aside and embrace the vicarious joy that can only come with spending a few hours living like the Great Gatsby. Behold Vizcaya Museum And Gardens.

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Historic-Newport-Harbor copy

Dream Towns: Newport, Rhode Island

Real estate and travel are eternally intertwined especially where historic properties are involved. So it’s only logical that our newest column, Dream Towns, is a combination of both. When I lived in Key West, every tourist was envious. Why not live where everyone else vacations? At least three of those people I met 20 years ago have second homes in the Conch Republic now. In Dream Towns we’ll be bringing to you the most historic, eclectic, off-the grid, off-the-charts, culturally-rich, historically-significant, and inspiringly revitalized towns across America where you can happily spend a weekend or the rest of your life. First up—Newport, Rhode Island

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Mont Rochelle Winery Estate, property released, Winelands, Franschhoek, South Africa

Friday Top 5: Historic Adventure Travel Destinations

We know, we know. It’s been two weeks since we last posted a blog but we have a great excuse. We’ve finally sold our house in Philadelphia and downsized to our vacation home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Airstream hunt has begun. Every night for the past month in the deep dark hole of moving we’ve also dreamt about our upcoming Live Historic road trip, and how many bucketlist adventure and historic frontiers await us. It wouldn’t be right to finally finish our move this week without celebrating the Top Five of them. Dream on.

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cuckolds lighthouse

The Rescue of The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse

What do you get when you take a historic lighthouse off of the coast of Maine in need of rescuing, a group of life-long friends set on saving it, twenty some different federal and state agencies to appease and several years to reopen––The Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse. Experience the history, the amazing preservation story behind this inn, and unobstructed views of the ocean sure to have you and your guests reconnecting back to nature.

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