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Luxury Mexico Over The Water Bungalows

Adios Bora Bora. Authentic Luxury Over-The-Sea Bungalows Finally Come To Mexico

Over-the-water bungalows (a.k.a. palafitos) have been around since the Bronze Age. But they were designed to elevate their inhabitants from rats. Today they are on every luxury traveler’s bucketlist planning a vacation in Bora Bora or Tahiti. Glass aquarium floors and direct ladder access to the water are just a few of the perks. Luckily for everyone who doesn’t have the budget or time to fly to French Polynesia they have finally landed in Mexico’s Riviera Maya.

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A Classic Maryland Crab Soup Recipe by Chef Jordan Lloyd

Using local, seasonal ingredients not only helps sustain the economic viability of a community, but ensures your culinary creations are the freshest that they can be. Alice and Chef Jordan Lloyd, owners of the Bartlett Pear Inn in Easton, Maryland live by this very ethos and shared their favorite recipe for Maryland Crab Soup-an Chesapeake Bay classic. Now anyone regardless of where you live can enjoy a little Eastern Shore flavor. Bon Appetit.

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Friday Top 5: Classic Spas For Valentine’s (Or Anytime)

Spa rituals date back centuries in many cultures including the Romans, the Mayans and many others. Since nothing says historic luxury more then taking your significant other away to decompress and show your appreciation we rounded up five of the world’s top spas where you can relax and rekindle the passion for one another for Valentine’s Day-or any other time.

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Design Tips From Phara Queen: Miranda Lambert’s Designer For The Ladysmith B & B

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping design in what was once a dilapidated 1901 building look no further then Miranda Lambert’s The Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast. We recently sat down with Miranda’s interior designer, Phara Queen to see how folks at home can add a little rock-n-roll shabby chic style to their own homes.

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Wonderful Wines, Inspiring Spaces

You don’t have to hop on a trans-Atlantic flight to enjoy some of the best classic wine tasting rooms in the world and some of the oldest Cabernet and Merlot vintages. Savor rich California history and architecture with some of today’s finest wines at these five tasting rooms where history and wine collide and leave you wondering why you shouldn’t just pick up and move to wine country tomorrow.

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5 After-Holiday Decompression Trips For Everyone

Ahh, the holidays. The excitement is over and it is back to the grind. If the holidays left you feeling in need of recharging your batteries we rounded up five historic destinations that offer something for everyone. Whether you are a family, single, retired, or have a big bonus leftover that you want to spend to stimulate the economy-we got you covered.

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Five Cities That Will Make Your 2016 New Year’s Eve Historic

Ever since I can remember the ultimate goal for New Year’s Eve was to make sure it was historic. In an epic Jake from Sixteen Candles party kind of way that you’d be talking about thirty years later. For the past three years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve at home (and admittedly in bed before midnight) so our 2016 resolution is to work less and live more—starting with New Year’s Eve. Here are our top five historic cities that will make sure your new year starts off with a bang.

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