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1. How much does it cost to market my historic property, hotel, vacation rental, or business with Find Everything Historic?

Find Everything Historic’s pricing is simple and straight-forward. Your featured property or business page costs $30 per month, or $325 per year with unlimited photography, property, and architectural history information. No hidden fees or upcharges. Multiple-listing, broker, and hotel group discounts are available. Please inquire for more details and pricing.

2. What types of properties qualify as “historic”?

Any property built prior to 1965 including mid-century architecture. We also list real estate, hotels, and renovation properties that are authentic and well-crafted historic reproductions.

3. Does Find Everything Historic market vacation rental properties?

Yes. And our visitors are clamoring for more. Historic vacation rentals throughout the US, North America, and worldwide are exclusively listed in the Travel section of our website and can be accessed directly from our Home page.

4. Does Find Everything Historic market commercial properties?

Absolutely. We list historic commercial properties of all types for sale as well as rent and lease including retail, corporate, restaurant/hotel/hospitality, investment, and renovation/rehabilitation properties.

5. What types of “Travel” businesses should market on Find Everything Historic?

If it’s historic and travel-related, our visitors are looking for it. A few examples include: historic hotels, resorts, vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, inns, restaurants, bars, spas, museums, wineries, distilleries/breweries, parks, estate gardens, and tours. If you’re uncertain please contact us.

6. What types of “Design” businesses should market on Find Everything Historic?

You can’t separate historic properties from the materials, design, and craftsmanship that make them one of a kind. We welcome all retailers, architects, interior designers, contractors, builders, landscape designers, engineers, developers, mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys, etc. to market with us.

7. Do visitors pay to view Find Everything Historic properties, business, and design listings?

There is no cost for visitors, prospective historic property buyers, or travelers to search for or view any properties on Find Everything Historic.

8. Are there limits on how many photographs, text, and other information I can post on Find Everything Historic to advertise my historic property or business?

We don’t like limits of any type. So you can post unlimited photographs, text, and property information to highlight your historic properties or business. Please read our recommendations on How To Write A Great Listing for some simple ideas to make your property stand out.

9. Does Find Everything Historic take a commission if my property is sold or booked for rental?

Find Everything Historic’s goal is to connect historic property buyers, travelers, and entrepreneurs directly with opportunities and experiences. We are not involved in any way in the sales transaction or booking of any for sale or rental property listed on our site. See our Terms & Conditions and Subscriber Listing Agreement for more information.

10. Can I pay to have my historic property ‘Featured’ on Find Everything Historic?

Featured Properties are curated by Find Everything Historic’s editorial board. Featured Properties are chosen based on architectural style, property history, quality of photography, and property narrative. Please contact us for more detailed Featured Property requirements, and see our recommendations on How To Write A Great Listing.

11. Does Find Everything Historic have a refund policy?

If we are ever asked to issue a refund, that means we haven’t lived up to expectations. We will make all efforts to ensure that this never happens in the first place. See our Terms & Conditions and Subscriber Listing Agreement for more information on our Refund Policy.

12. Is it better to list my property, rental, or business on a monthly or annual basis?

Your subscription of $30 per month or $325 per year per listing is your virtual parking space on Find Everything Historic. If you have an historic vacation rental, hotel, or retail business, it makes sense to market the same property or business all year round and take advantage of our annual discount rate. If you are real estate agent or broker, you can list monthly with us until a specific property is sold or subscribe annually and re-post a new historic property for sale into your listing slot every month. The marketing and financial flexibility is yours to control.

13. If I market my historic property for a month or a year and it sells before then, do I still have to pay for the full term?

Find Everything Historic charges in full for a monthly or annual listing based on the date the property or business is listed. We do not offer pro-rated refunds. If you have subscribed for an annual (12 month) property or business listing, you may replace an existing property with a new property at any time within the 12-month period as many times as you’d like. If you are a monthly subscriber and your property sells, you may cancel your subscription with us at any time at the end of your last billing cycle. You may also upgrade from a monthly to an annual listing at any time.

14. Does Find Everything Historic offer multiple listing discounts or discounts for national real estate brokers, hotel groups, or retailers?

We love to work strategically with key clients, agents, and brokerages and offers discounted multiple-listing packages. Many of our historic property listings already come through national firms such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s, Caldwell Banker, and Berkshire Hathaway Home Services, as well as national hotel groups and property management companies. Please give us a call for more pricing and more information.

15. How does Find Everything Historic maximize exposure for my historic property, vacation rental, hotel, or business?

Ongoing social media and SEO should be the minimum requirement of any online marketing and advertising partner. Public relations and content marketing are what make us different. We have a full-time PR group working to actively target media stories and profiles in key client geographies. Other content marketing initiatives include online editorial platform exposure, print and online advertising, All of Find Everything Historic’s content is also cross-promoted through numerous other real estate, historic property, and travel outlets.

16. Does Find Everything Historic sell or provide my personal, property, or business information to other listing sites or any other third parties?

Find Everything Historic will never share your personal information with any third-party entity or website without your express written consent for any reason whatsoever.

17. How does Find Everything Historic protect my personal information?

Find Everything Historic’s personal, e-commerce, and information management procedures are based on leading-edge online security protocols and technology. We never store credit card and/or payment information, so your sensitive information is never exposed or at risk with us for any reason.

18. Should historic preservation groups list their organizations on Find Everything Historic?

Non-profit historic preservation groups always list for free on Find Everything Historic and are able to share their history, work, and business opportunities with a dedicated audience of historic property enthusiasts.