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Five Cities That Will Make Your 2016 New Year’s Eve Historic

Ever since I can remember the ultimate goal for New Year’s Eve was to make sure it was historic. In an epic Jake from Sixteen Candles party kind of way that you’d be talking about thirty years later. For the past three years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve at home (and admittedly in bed before midnight) so our 2016 resolution is to work less and live more—starting with New Year’s Eve. Here are our top five historic cities that will make sure your new year starts off with a bang.

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All I Want For Christmas Is An Historic Southern Home

We’ve been shortchanged for the past three Christmas holidays on the gift front so we figure we’ve racked up a pretty good favor bank with Santa. This year we’re wishing for that historic Southern Charm home that we’ve been endlessly searching for—low country architectural character, a long oak lined driveway, mint juleps on the front porch, the works. We sent Santa our Southern property wish list last week. We’ll see how many columns and chimneys he can cram into his sack.

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