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Mont Rochelle Winery Estate, property released, Winelands, Franschhoek, South Africa

Friday Top 5: Historic Adventure Travel Destinations

We know, we know. It’s been two weeks since we last posted a blog but we have a great excuse. We’ve finally sold our house in Philadelphia and downsized to our vacation home on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The Airstream hunt has begun. Every night for the past month in the deep dark hole of moving we’ve also dreamt about our upcoming Live Historic road trip, and how many bucketlist adventure and historic frontiers await us. It wouldn’t be right to finally finish our move this week without celebrating the Top Five of them. Dream on.

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Friday Top 5: Livin’ The Historic Lifestyle Dream

When most people think about real estate these days one of two questions tend to come to mind first: Is this is a good place to invest and how good are the schools? We still look at real estate, and in particular historic properties, as a far more important lifestyle decision. Where you live plays a large role in the life you live. There is actually very little in common between Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Whitefish Montana. So here are our Top FIve historic properties for sale that truly epitomize a classic lifestyle. Now the hardest part is having to choose. Private island? Tribeca loft? Or a southern plantation?

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Vizcaya Museum

Friday Top 5: Grand Dames of the Gilded Age

The Gilded Age was the American Dream at its best. Immigrants from Europe barely here for two generations created American industry, revolutionized the economy, and invented most of what we take for granted today. The other great legacy of the Gilded Age is the architecture that remains. This week we bring you some of the finest Gilded Age estates for sale––and one that you can visit yourself.

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