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The History Of The Martini

With the holidays approaching there’s nothing more appropriately historic in our opinion than classic cocktails to make your guests feel welcome and ensure maximum family relaxation. Few drinks—especially with a bite of early winter wind outside—are more iconically American than the martini. Our newest guest columnist from London uncovers the pedigree of this vintage cocktail and we obviously couldn’t write about ‘shaken and not stirred’ without a slight nod to James Bond. We wouldn’t want to shoot a machine gun in a speedboat before drinking a dirty martini either.

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Southern Yankee: The Dixie Road Trip Begins Now

When the first step on a two-thousand mile upcoming road trip starts with cowboy boots, line dancing, quail hunting, and tailgating you know it’s going to be a good one. When it also intertwines a journey of discovery into your own family roots you know it’s going to be down right entertaining to put it mildly. Get ready for the Southern Yankees who are giving up everything, moving into a 250 square foot Airstream, and re-discovering Dixie.

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Time Traveling For The Holidays

Over the next two weeks, Find Everything Historic is proudly introducing our newest weekly columnists. They are well-loved and well-published experts on design and decor, travel and adventure, food and wine, real estate and renovations, and pretty much life-long junkies for every possible authentic historic lifestyle experience they can get their hands on. First up—meet our new food, wine, and travel writer extraordinaire Jeanne O’Brien Coffey who takes us time traveling for the holidays in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

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Drive By Finds: Skaneateles, NY

I love maps. Knowing where I am on the planet at any given time, what’s ahead, and where I’ve been sustains my appetite for travel. I just learned that maps have gone out of style. Siri tells most drivers where to go and 99% of the time the most efficient route is also the most uninteresting and least curious. So we’re bringing back the classic American ‘Drive By’. When you take America’s ‘scenic route’ you’ll be pleasantly reminded what you can re-discover with a few hours of back road curiosity. Think Pinot Noir, silver fox caplets, blueberry fudge, and utopia just for starters.

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Dream Trip: Vintage South Beach

Miami’s South Beach can get a shallow rap for late-night clubbing, short bikinis, and slow-revving Ferraris cruising down Ocean Drive. Equally part of the classic South Beach experience however is the rich Art Deco architecture, world-class art and museums, and international foodie scene that features some of the best restaurants and bars in the country. The white sand beaches and Bahamian-colored water don’t hurt either. Get over your stereotypes and prepare to become uninhibited.

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Historic Mansion Envy: Vizcaya Museum And Gardens

Whatever you think about Gilded Age aristocracy and the one-percenters, the one thing that’s undeniable is the indelible mark they’ve left on American architecture throughout the country. The most visited historic estates now open to the public (so we can all get our mansion envy flowing) are the legacy of their hard work, vision, patronage, and commitment to the arts, culture, and creating a distinct form of American architecture that will remain a legacy for generations. So put your bitterness aside and embrace the vicarious joy that can only come with spending a few hours living like the Great Gatsby. Behold Vizcaya Museum And Gardens.

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Dream Towns: Newport, Rhode Island

Real estate and travel are eternally intertwined especially where historic properties are involved. So it’s only logical that our newest column, Dream Towns, is a combination of both. When I lived in Key West, every tourist was envious. Why not live where everyone else vacations? At least three of those people I met 20 years ago have second homes in the Conch Republic now. In Dream Towns we’ll be bringing to you the most historic, eclectic, off-the grid, off-the-charts, culturally-rich, historically-significant, and inspiringly revitalized towns across America where you can happily spend a weekend or the rest of your life. First up—Newport, Rhode Island

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Old Town Key West Sailing

Hello Millennials: The Old Economy Is History

Everything becomes historic eventually—real estate, design, fashion, cars, boats, music, the list goes on. In the past 50 years few changes have had more impact than the concept of the ‘workplace’. What was ‘telecommuting’ in the 1990s has been replaced by wireless hotspots, big data clouds, and virtual board rooms. Many Fortune 500 companies now have vast swaths of remote employees. And we say long live the mobile economy. Here are our editor’s top tips for maximizing your new found freedom.

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Vendome Mansion: Historic Detroit

Detroit, Michigan was once one of the wealthiest cities in the United States and like many things in life that are on the top, they are prone to falling. Luckily, the fall has an upside and that is the potential for a rebirth and that’s exactly what is happening in Detroit as we speak with investors, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs moving to the city and the surrounding suburbs. The real estate market is still flush with iconic estates that are deeply rooted in American industry and compared to other large cities in the country––the prices are compelling to say the least.

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The History Of Passion: American College Football

For most small towns in America this is one of the most anticipated weeks of the year. And not because HIllary Clinton or Donald Trump are rolling into town. It’s the start of football season and opening day kick off for thousands of high schools and colleges is finally just hours away. The NFL season starts on Thursday. It’s a distinctly American tradition. Current New York Times bestselling writer and the author of “Saban: The Making Of A Coach” breaks down what’s so historic and unique about America’s Game.

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