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Insuring Historic Properties: Preserving the Past, Insuring the Future

Insuring a historic home or business located in a historic building can present its own set of challenges. Architectural details & replacement values require insurance carriers with a specialty in historic properties. Knowing the options for carriers and the deal breakers for coverage is a solid first place to start.

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Charleston SC Rainbow Row

Circa 1886: A Fresh Re-Design To Celebrate 15 Years of Business

What better way to celebrate 15 years of business then to renew the vibrancy and character of your interior space. Circa 1886 Restaurant, one of Charleston’s best dining venues now offers its patrons a redesigned space with additional seating and a fresh, elegant interior that highlights the charm of this historic building.

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Albania: Remarkable, Unexpected, Ever-Changing

Learn about traveling to Albania from a seasoned adventurer in preservation, who has visited dozens of countries world-wide. Many travelers may not think to include Albania on their travel bucket list, but its steep cobblestone streets, the architectural beauty of its historic tower buildings and its people all make it a trip definitely worth exploring.

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The 5 Best Window Treatments (according to bossy color)

Choosing window treatments can be an overwhelming design challenge since there are so many options. And you never want to detract from the architectural beauty of your windows in your historic home. Before you give up and leave your windows naked–– Annie Elliott, principle of the D.C. based design firm, bossy color breaks down her top five choices that highlight your vintage windows with modern designs that also create privacy.

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