Modern Real Estate Marketing For Historic Properties

The hottest real estate markets in the US—New York, Boston, San Francisco, and yes, Detroit—are all historic. And according to the National Trust For Historic Preservation, Millennials (and Babyboomers) are on the march downtown again. They want to bike to work, walk their kids to school, and be surrounded by cafes, music, and the conveniences of metropolitan living. For agents and brokers who don’t think the future of real estate is historic, think again. Here are our top tips for marketing and selling historic properties to the next generation of buyers.

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Gastro Heaven With a Pinch of History

Farm-to-table and food-as-art are modern culinary marketing cliches these days. What self-respecting chef’s food isn’t artful? Every once in a while, however, the opportunity arises to discover a life-changing food and wine experience which truly alters the way that you think about ingredients, and reminds you that the best meals are experienced not eaten. The French have known this for centuries. Bonjour La Table at L’Auberge Provençale. And yes it’s in Virginia.

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Bourbon That’s Rocking The Boat

Pushing boundaries while respecting tradition is a delicate art in any business, but it’s a particularly territorial affair when it comes to the practice of distilling bourbon, a time honored American tradition. So when we find someone who’s able to pull it off, gracefully blending history and the future in a sloshing distillery experiment in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, who could say no? Rum may no longer be the tried and true libation of sailors once you have a sip of this.

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Design Tips From Phara Queen: Miranda Lambert’s Designer For The Ladysmith B & B

If you’re looking for jaw-dropping design in what was once a dilapidated 1901 building look no further then Miranda Lambert’s The Ladysmith Bed & Breakfast. We recently sat down with Miranda’s interior designer, Phara Queen to see how folks at home can add a little rock-n-roll shabby chic style to their own homes.

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Wonderful Wines, Inspiring Spaces

You don’t have to hop on a trans-Atlantic flight to enjoy some of the best classic wine tasting rooms in the world and some of the oldest Cabernet and Merlot vintages. Savor rich California history and architecture with some of today’s finest wines at these five tasting rooms where history and wine collide and leave you wondering why you shouldn’t just pick up and move to wine country tomorrow.

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5 After-Holiday Decompression Trips For Everyone

Ahh, the holidays. The excitement is over and it is back to the grind. If the holidays left you feeling in need of recharging your batteries we rounded up five historic destinations that offer something for everyone. Whether you are a family, single, retired, or have a big bonus leftover that you want to spend to stimulate the economy-we got you covered.

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Travel Gear Including Vintage Camera Binoculars Maps and Notebook

Can A Pixel Say A Thousand Words?

Technology is changing everything at a mind-bending rate—even history. Look no further than Ancestry’s DNA test kit so you can confirm your own family lineage online. The art of photography is no exception. Photography has been revolutionized by transformations in digital cameras and storage technology. Pixels can say a thousand words and also do a hundred other things that film never could. But photography is still a creative art, and that’s one thing that cameras still can’t do on their own yet.

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Five Cities That Will Make Your 2016 New Year’s Eve Historic

Ever since I can remember the ultimate goal for New Year’s Eve was to make sure it was historic. In an epic Jake from Sixteen Candles party kind of way that you’d be talking about thirty years later. For the past three years we’ve spent New Year’s Eve at home (and admittedly in bed before midnight) so our 2016 resolution is to work less and live more—starting with New Year’s Eve. Here are our top five historic cities that will make sure your new year starts off with a bang.

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