Modern Day Sleigh Ride to the Castle Hotel & Spa

Dear Santa:

TightRP-2199All I want for Christmas is a modern day sleigh ride over the hills yonder to spend Christmas at the Castle Hotel & Spa! I personally cannot think of a more fabulous way to arrive at a historic luxury hotel then by helicopter and what a great way to see all of the Christmas lights throughout the city then from the air just like you do.

If you haven’t delivered presents to the Castle Hotel & Spa before, it’s located in Tarrytown, New York and offers a luxurious package fit for a king or queen (or Santa for that matter—you must be exhausted after circling the globe all night) that includes round trip 10636494_1016832958342522_4070789768697507350_ohelicopter service from Mid-town Manhattan to Westchester County Airport courtesy of Wings Air Helicopters. Travelers get a Santa’s-eye view of one of the most iconic skyline views in the world with all of its holiday glory that progresses into the beauty of the lush Hudson Valley and up to West Point. I know your sleigh is fast since you have to deliver presents all over the world in one night, but the helicopter trip to the Castle Hotel & Spa only takes about 45 minutes. When you arrive at Westchester airport you get picked up by a fully-stocked car for the last leg of you journey arriving at your fairytale destination—Champagne, anyone? (We know you can’t drink while you’re piloting your sleigh).

large_EntranceSince you probably haven’t read our Christmas list in detail yet, the Castle Hotel & Spa’s package includes one-night accommodations in a luxury suite that has been recently redesigned to keep the interiors fresh for the modern luxury-savvy traveler while seamlessly still showcasing the historic charm of the castle. You and your elves can relax in luxurious imported bed linens in your four-poster bed and simply unwind and enjoy each others company without having to make any toys. Once you’ve had a chance to settle in and put on your evening’s best your night begins with a private tour of the Castle Hotel & Spa’s extensive wine cellar paired with a wine tasting followed by a locally sourced 47234-21seasonal five-course meal at the award-winning Equus restaurant. Equus is offering a sumptuous meal to celebrate the holidays with their Auberge-styled French cuisine. In addition, a delicious breakfast for two is included for the following morning. After all that eating we might end up with a jolly, round belly like yours! (No offense).

Spa 2And if that’s not enough, the package also includes two ninety minute Thai or Signature massages in a room for you and Mrs. Claus at the brand new Thann Sanctuary Spa, which is known as an oasis of peace and tranquility throughout Asia and is the first of its kind in the United States. After being cramped in that sleigh all night and making toys all year I’m sure a massage is on your own Christmas list!

Since you’re Santa, you already know that the Castle Hotel & Spa sits on top of a sprawling hillside with views overlooking the historic Hudson River valley offering anyone who stays there a respite from the fast-paced speed of the city. This luxury destination is just 25 miles north of New York City, making it an easy to get to historic RETOUCHED BY BLAKE D. OGDENdestination that is located on some of the most prized real estate in the area. Inside the Castle Hotel & Spa the interiors offer medieval-style, intricately carved stairways of dark burnished wood, glowing sconces, mammoth hand-hewn oak beams and leaded-glass windows and is reminiscent of the architectural design of the landmarked Castle Lismore in Ireland. It might not be as impressive as the castles in the North Pole but it’s as good as it gets down here.

The Great Hall- WeddingThe most spectacular feature of the property is the ‘Great Hall,’ that has forty-foot vaulted ceiling with original Gothic windows that have heraldic motifs, leather paneling on the walls, intricately carved wooden architectural details in the foyer and a grand balcony that overlooks the space. We know where we are going to be hosting our next historical event in our lives. It also looks like a great place to make toys for Christmas next year. Maybe you and your elves can rent the whole place out?                                                                                                              10426747_1049724535053364_6354432059232540831_n

Anyways, I cannot imagine a better Christmas gift than this—luxury travel, a historic destination, lush surroundings, amazing food and wine all wrapped up in castle while celebrating a wonderful holiday with a loved one. Although, I am now old enough to know that Santa may not be real, I am hoping my husband is taking notes on my not-so-subtle hint on what I want for Christmas this year!

See you in the spa!

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