Design Vidal’s Peter Hassler Mixes Old + New


Images © Peter Hassler of Design Vidal

When Peter Hassler of the interior design firm Design Vidal moved into his 1892 Brooklyn townhouse ten years ago he was drawn to the historic architectural details. “The craftsmanship and materials alone were things that made this place stand out and made me say, ‘This is it,’” he says. Although the space needed an overhaul Hassler remained in the property during the renovation and restoration. He revived original details to their former glory and where items were missing in the home he replaced them with architectural salvage finds. “It looks seamless now”, Hassler states.

Images © Peter Hassler of Design Vidal

The biggest renovation in the townhouse was the kitchen, which also happens to be Hassler’s favorite spot since he loves to cook. “Sometimes just to unwind, I’ll come home after a long day at work and make a three-course meal.” Hassler moved the kitchen back to its original location at the back of the house close to the garden. He removed the sheetrock and tile flooring only to discover many of the floor joists suffered from severe termite damage. Hassler salvaged what he could which he eventually used for a clever reading nook off of the kitchen. “They have so much character,” Hassler says of the joists. “You can even see the way they were sawed and the pattern of the blade.” I personally love this spot and would utilize it frequently as I love cozy nooks. Hassler also revived the intricate metal ceiling making it gleam and giving the space a soft reflective light.

“The thing I enjoy about restoration work is the satisfaction of taking something that has seen better days and giving it life in a way that isn’t an exact replica of the past but a representation of it,” Hassler says. We couldn’t agree more and echo the sentiment. The original details of a historic property make it pop while offering a unique canvas for any style of design to be added to the space whether it is traditional, eclectic or modern. Hassler and Design Vidal have created a timeless space that honors both the past and present harmoniously. Hassler and his partner, artist Dahn Hiuni, will be sure to make their own history in this house for years to come.

Design Vidal where Hassler works is a Los Angeles based company owned by husband and wife team Karen and Guy Vidal. The firm specializes in restoring and renovating historic properties and has the company ethos of advocating for remodeling existing structures rather then building new.

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