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Eric King is a renovation specialist, general contractor, and master craftsman currently living in Philadelphia. Eric co-founded a sustainable building supply company in 2007, founded his own contracting company in 2008, and has been restoring historic buildings and working with reclaimed materials ever since. In addition to Eric’s weekly restoration column, Eric will also be hosting our ongoing #AskEric interactive chat.

Craftsman Log: Reclaim, Reuse, Redesign

Every historic renovation project I’ve been involved with over the years creates a sense of pride. But the ones that utilize reclaimed materials to achieve a unique modern design are the most satisfying. Eventually at some distant point in the future, these buildings will be demolished as well. And one can only hope that someone with the same sense of adventure and creativity inside of them will rip through the heap of bones to find something that inspires them and keep history alive and out of the landfill.

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