Historic Trumpets

FEH Building Science School Is Back In Class: Can You Hear Me? We’re Talking About Acoustics!

Find Everything Historic is honored to introduce their newest Building Science and Architectural columnist, Keith A. Simon, AIA, CPHC, LEED AP. Yep, Keith has a lot of letters after his name because he’s no joke when it comes to building technology and performance. Historic buildings must serve the same basic function as new buildings. Thankfully Keith will help it all make sense to the rest of us. Lesson number one is on acoustics.

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The Wilson Hunt House: The History of a Rare 19th Century House Towed to Tribeca by Truck

Our friends over at 6sqft are one of our favorite sources for historic real estate stories from New York City, and you’ll be seeing more great guest content from them at Find Everything Historic in the future. Check out their recent story on the Wilson Hunt House which was rescued from demolition in the 1970s and just recently sold for $5.5 million

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