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Dream Towns: Newport, Rhode Island

Real estate and travel are eternally intertwined especially where historic properties are involved. So it’s only logical that our newest column, Dream Towns, is a combination of both. When I lived in Key West, every tourist was envious. Why not live where everyone else vacations? At least three of those people I met 20 years ago have second homes in the Conch Republic now. In Dream Towns we’ll be bringing to you the most historic, eclectic, off-the grid, off-the-charts, culturally-rich, historically-significant, and inspiringly revitalized towns across America where you can happily spend a weekend or the rest of your life. First up—Newport, Rhode Island

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VIDEO: Blending Modern Design With Historic Houses

Today we’re launching our first segment in what will be an ongoing series of online video blogs featuring Find Everything Historic’s co-founders, contributing columnists, and featured guests who will bring the historic lifestyle right to your door. We’re talking a dedicated online channel featuring the most inspiring travel, luxury real estate, interior design, fashion, food and wine, arts, sports, culture, and architectural stories from the front lines of the people living historic. And what better place to start than in our own tiny, historic home. Come on in.

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Vendome Mansion: Historic Detroit

Detroit, Michigan was once one of the wealthiest cities in the United States and like many things in life that are on the top, they are prone to falling. Luckily, the fall has an upside and that is the potential for a rebirth and that’s exactly what is happening in Detroit as we speak with investors, tech start-ups and entrepreneurs moving to the city and the surrounding suburbs. The real estate market is still flush with iconic estates that are deeply rooted in American industry and compared to other large cities in the country––the prices are compelling to say the least.

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Friday Top 5: Lake George, NY

For over one hundred years summer travelers from throughout the US and around the world have converged on Lake George in New York’s Adirondacks. Stunning mountain views, crystal clear waters, and endless boating, hiking, and outdoor adventure are right out your back door. A century later visitors still flock here—and some of the same attractions still draw them. Here are our Top Five

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Hallelujah I Have Been Saved!

Historic preservation is a religion for many people. It takes on especially biblical proportions in the practical sense when the building being resurrected back to its former glory is one of God’s original historic houses. We got the tip on this extraordinary restoration in Williamsburg from 6sqft, which converted an iconic neighborhood church into uber-chic loft apartments with all of the modern amenities. Our favorite amenity: you don’t even have to leave your living room on Sunday morning to go to church.

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Quoin Values: Dream Job Alert

Everyone has their own vision of a ‘dream’ job. Some people want to be astronauts. Others want to travel the world and write for National Geographic. As historic property junkies our fantasy has always been to be innkeepers. Nothing captures the essence of the historic lifestyle with more authenticity than providing travelers from around the world with a deeply steeped go-local experience that includes farm-to-table cuisine, intimate hospitality, and the opportunity to meet the very people whose goal is to make your trip memorable. If you’re looking to give up your day job here are three rarely available opportunities to make your dream job come true.

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ModVic Steampunk

Gettin’ Steampunked With ModVic

When someone first mentioned ‘Steampunk’ to the FEH editors a month ago someone among us wondered aloud whether it was a new Seattle grunge band pioneer. Little did we know that it’s one of the most unique and difficult to execute historic design styles that incorporates classic Victorian architecture, functional chic design, and reclaimed and re-used artifacts that re-imagine the former Industrial heyday of the US. FEH recently caught up with the owners of ModVic, the leading Steampunk design pioneers, whose house is being marketed on Find Everything Historic. Prepare to be ‘punked.

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Quoin Values: A Cool Million

We’re passionate about our editorial content at Find Everything Historic. All historic properties and destinations have stories to tell. Some are noble and poetic. Others are sordidly worthy of a reality television series episode. Whatever the backstory, our goal to be the leading curated platform for historic real estate, travel, design, and lifestyle experiences is built on the backbone of inspiring storytelling and content that engages and informs. Meet the newest column in our editorial family—Quoin Values. And what the heck is a quoin by the way?

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Friday Top 5: Livin’ The Historic Lifestyle Dream

When most people think about real estate these days one of two questions tend to come to mind first: Is this is a good place to invest and how good are the schools? We still look at real estate, and in particular historic properties, as a far more important lifestyle decision. Where you live plays a large role in the life you live. There is actually very little in common between Williamsburg in Brooklyn and Whitefish Montana. So here are our Top FIve historic properties for sale that truly epitomize a classic lifestyle. Now the hardest part is having to choose. Private island? Tribeca loft? Or a southern plantation?

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