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5 After-Holiday Decompression Trips For Everyone

Ahh, the holidays. The excitement is over and it is back to the grind. If the holidays left you feeling in need of recharging your batteries we rounded up five historic destinations that offer something for everyone. Whether you are a family, single, retired, or have a big bonus leftover that you want to spend to stimulate the economy-we got you covered.

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Travel Gear Including Vintage Camera Binoculars Maps and Notebook

Can A Pixel Say A Thousand Words?

Technology is changing everything at a mind-bending rate—even history. Look no further than Ancestry’s DNA test kit so you can confirm your own family lineage online. The art of photography is no exception. Photography has been revolutionized by transformations in digital cameras and storage technology. Pixels can say a thousand words and also do a hundred other things that film never could. But photography is still a creative art, and that’s one thing that cameras still can’t do on their own yet.

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What are Bitters?

Bitters have seen a huge resurgence. Once used for medicinal purposes these potent flavor extracts are taking the cocktail industry by storm, but what are they? Erik Kozlik (a cocktail aficionado and our newest contributor), co-founder of Embittermint Bitters, a Washington, D.C.-based bitters company specializing in premium-quality, all-natural cocktail ingredients, breaks down what bitters are, their origin and how to use them.

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Wild About Wallpaper: The Next Chapter

We ended throwing caution to the wind and decided to start our wallpaper installation journey on our own. We are almost done with our dining room and getting ready to wallpaper our bedroom. So far, we have learned that hanging a graphic wallpaper is easier then we thought as long as you prep properly. Check out some of our tips that might inspire you to get wild about wallpaper too!

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One of the Last Five-and-Dimes in America

Before there were discount stores there was the five & dime where pricing was made simple––items were either five or ten cents to purchase. With the advent of discount stores and inflation most five & dime stores closed up shop. With the help of Beth “Mod Betty” Lennon, founder of the Retro Roadmap, writer Brie Dyas tracks down one of the last five & dimes stores in the Unites States where you can get your vintage shop on!

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3 Whiskey Classics For The Holidays

Admit it. Everyone loves the holidays except when they turn against them. Guests to host and feed. Family members to placate. Seven dishes going at the same time. It’s enough to make even the most stoic host or hostess take an occasionally more frequent trip to the bar. Here are three classic whiskey cocktails straight from some of the country’s most historic and up-and-coming whiskey distilleries to sooth anyone’s inner holiday grump and make sure your guests are guaranteed to come back next year. Good luck!

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Plunge Pools: Back To Nature

No matter where you go in the world where the sand meets the sea—San Tropez, South Beach Miami, Grand Bahama, the Great Barrier Reef—few things are more humanly ritualistic than just walking chest deep into a pool of water or the ocean and doing nothing. When that experience is replicated in an historic property in your own private nature-inspired oasis it’s called a ‘plunge pool’. Just ask the Japanese Snow Monkeys.

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VIDEO: Blending Modern Design With Historic Houses

Today we’re launching our first segment in what will be an ongoing series of online video blogs featuring Find Everything Historic’s co-founders, contributing columnists, and featured guests who will bring the historic lifestyle right to your door. We’re talking a dedicated online channel featuring the most inspiring travel, luxury real estate, interior design, fashion, food and wine, arts, sports, culture, and architectural stories from the front lines of the people living historic. And what better place to start than in our own tiny, historic home. Come on in.

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Bossy Color

Wild About Wallpaper!

We are moving today and that means upcoming design decisions and changes in our new home will soon commence––one of which is how to incorporate wallpaper in our tiny house. Luckily, a recent interview by our friend Annie Elliott, who is principal of DC-based design firm, bossy color breaks this very subject down for anyone thinking about incorporating wallpaper in their space.

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