Wall Street Journal Mansion  - January 14, 2016

Placed in WSJ by FEH, McCray Mansion Wins 2016 House Of The Year
Wall Street Journal Mansion - January 14, 2016

We say it all the time at Find Everything Historic. Call it classic, vintage, retro, throwback, whatever—everyone loves something historic. Apparently the majority of Wall Street Journal readers agree when it comes to real estate.

A 1928 Georgian Colonial Revival located in Kendallville, Indiana built for refrigerator magnate Elmer Ellsworth McCray, has just been awarded Wall Street Journal Mansion’s 2016 House Of The Year, which is basically the equivalent of winning the Super Bowl of luxury real estate when it comes to the national media.

Mansion’s House Of The Day is famous for showcasing the most extraordinary and expensive properties for sale across the US. Many of these homes are sprawling new estates or penthouses located in America’s hottest real estate markets such as New York and San Francisco, and are often listed by celebrities or notable CEOs. They also typically range from $3,000,000 to upwards of $50,000,000. Of the 49 properties that win House Of The Week each year, one is ultimately crowned Wall Street Journal’s House Of the Year.

Located in middle of Indiana and listed for $449,000, this year McCray Mansion defied the odds by getting more than 80% of the final votes. As one Mansion reader commented in the original story last February, “They must have forgotten a zero.”
Note to agents and brokers—McCray Mansion is also the quintessential real estate “content marketing” success story. After McCray Mansion was originally featured in the Wall Street Journal, listing brokers Lynn and James Reecer of Reecer Properties in Fort Wayne, Indiana were getting phone calls within an hour. Two potential buyers flew in from out of state over the next few days. The Reecers had an accepted after three weeks. McCray Mansion sold three months later as a result of their national Wall Street Journal exposure.

In addition to our popular online real estate and travel marketing platform, we also know the leading real estate and travel writers in the country. McCray Mansion was one of the first properties marketed on our site that we tipped WSJ Mansion’s writers off to just after we launched last year.

McCray Mansion is also featured in a full-feature article in Mansion’s national print edition that reaches over 2.4 million people. Not bad for an historic house in the middle of Indiana. And a husband and wife start-up.

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