The Herald Times - December 27, 2014

New Site For People Who Love Old Homes
The Herald Times - December 27, 2014

Q: As you’re well aware, you’re up against the for-sale listings giants like and And the vacation-rental leaders like and dominate that market. Recognizing that what you’ve created here is intended to be a relatively narrowly defined boutique marketplace, one still has to wonder how you can compete with the big guys.

Peter: A lot of the big real estate sites are very opaque. There are a lot of upcharges and extra fees, or they don’t publish their pricing. You’re also not booking through us and paying us a commission when the property gets rented. We connect you directly with the owner or agent. And, of course, we have the travel component. Subscribers can post information about their historic restaurant, spa, winery or hotel, or even their historic retail or renovation businesses. We’re concentrating now on reaching out to historic hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and restaurants, and we’re expanding into Europe, South America, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

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