Baltimore Sun - December 14, 2014

Front Page Interview With Find Everything Historic's Co-Founders
Baltimore Sun - December 14, 2014

Tell me how you came to create this site?

Meggen: For the past ten years, we've run an architectural consulting and sales firm, focusing on historic architecture and property renovation. We've renovated two historic properties. About two years ago, we started looking for a second home. We went through all the major real estate websites, spending what seemed like thousands of hours trying to find the right property. If you're a house person, you try to find a house that speaks to you, and most of them didn't. And we went through some existing sites that specialize in historic properties, and we found them sort of clunky. They didn't have enough pictures, and it could be difficult to find who the listing agent was. The sites themselves weren't visually appealing or didn't have enough functionality for people who were searching the way we were.

We had sort of a eureka moment when we recognized that we couldn't find the site that was geared toward people like us.

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