'All About Real Estate' - January 11, 2015

Experts On Historic Maryland Homes Are Guests On WCBM
'All About Real Estate' - January 11, 2015

Wonderful radio show today with guests Meggen and Peter Taylor. They have a new website We talked about a few of my listings which are over fifty years old. You don't have to be old to love an old house. Many people appreciate owning and love the lifestyle of historic properties.

My owners of 1560 Blue Mount Rd, a beautiful historic Colonial farm, alerted me to this young couple after reading an article. With a bit of research, I found the write up, found the contact numbers and picked up the phone and left a message. So happy that the Taylors returned my call so I could invite them to be on 'All About Real Estate'. See picking up the phone really does work.

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