Detroit Free Press - December 22, 2014

Couple Launches Marketplace For Historic Real Estate And Travel
Detroit Free Press - December 22, 2014

Q: How did the historic travel component come in?

Meggen: We started thinking about how we got married in a historic house, our vacations are in historic hotels and we always rented historic vacation homes. It's in our fiber.

Peter: After the eureka moment, we realized this wasn't just about real estate — historic properties are a lifestyle. There are millions of people like us who want to stay in historic hotels or stay in a restored cottage. It's a natural segue.

Q: How do you define historic?

Meggen: We're including anything 50 years of age and older. We decided to start with homes built no later than 1965. We love midcentury design, and we know lots of other people do too, so we set that as the starting point.

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